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Demi 5 White

Category: Softener

990,00 [+22% VAT]

Demi5 is the portable system which intagrates a softener with a manual control valve to easily operate softening, rinse and regenerations stages, HS-EasyBRINE a disposable brine cartridge for the easiest resin regeneration, CB a carbon block pre-filter, so that the appliance can perform filtration at 5 micron, for crystal clear water, dechlorination, get rid from bad tastes and odours, pesticides, insecticides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

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Shipping on: 12 Dec 2019



Category: Hp BiBi

2.650,00 [+22% VAT]

• BiBi is the first user friendly interface for watermakers, compact easy to install and ready to communicate with any device connected to the internet, covered by 5 years warranty.

• BiBi allows the user to access any watermaker‘s functions and data logs from the internet (only if installing modbus/canbus protocol and port).

• BiBi can be installed after sale as it is an external item and it is compatible with Android, iOS and PC or Mac. 

• BiBi helps the technical service centers to make preventive diagnosis and understand the machine issues before getting on board for service.

• BiBi is communicating with real time alert push notices on the user's smartphone in case of alarms.

• BiBi is communicating with real time alert emails to HP factory to follow the customer during every emergency and any machine alarm.

• BiBi is able to report directly the problem of the unit sending an information notice to the closest service point to the boat.

• BiBi covers the unit with one extra year of warranty (i.e. HPSC140 RPTRONIC BiBi 3 years +  1 year)

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Shipping on: 16 Dec 2019


Kit PRO - DEMI5 spare parts (Save 10%)

Category: DEMI5 Spare Parts

115,20 [+22% VAT]

Kit PRO - Parti di Ricambio DEMI5  (Risparmia il 10%)

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Shipping on: 16 Dec 2019


Salt Box 12 pc 750gr.

Category: DEMI5 Spare Parts

40,00 [+22% VAT]

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Shipping on: 16 Dec 2019


HP Genius Mineral

Category: HP Genius

66,00 [+22% VAT]

With HP GENIUS it is possible to have pure water without any unpleasant taste of chlorine directly on your boat. Its microfiltration system avoids any trace of chlorine and intercepts a large amount of pollutants that can contaminate water along its flow (metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons), and the bacteriostatic treatment system with silver ions sterilizes the water at the point of dispense avoiding the presence of bacteria that could accumulate in the tank of the boat.

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Shipping on: 16 Dec 2019