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Kit PRO - DEMI5 spare parts (Save 10%)

Category: DEMI5 Spare Parts

115,20 [+22% VAT]

Kit PRO - Parti di Ricambio DEMI5  (Risparmia il 10%)

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Demi 5 White

Category: Softener

990,00 [+22% VAT]

Demi5 is the portable system which intagrates a softener with a manual control valve to easily operate softening, rinse and regenerations stages, HS-EasyBRINE a disposable brine cartridge for the easiest resin regeneration, CB a carbon block pre-filter, so that the appliance can perform filtration at 5 micron, for crystal clear water, dechlorination, get rid from bad tastes and odours, pesticides, insecticides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

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